A journey in turning the invisible visible…

So you looking for some change??? I hear you, in order to move forward, we need to progress as that is where true happiness can be found. Once you have that clarity, you have power. Let me tell you a little about myself, my name is Hayley and I have always been passionate and curious about understanding people and helping them through difficult times which has led me on a journey of studying Psychology and Counselling. I spent time volunteering at Life Line and assisting the police as a trauma counsellor in South- Africa. These experiences gave me an understanding and empathy to other people which made me very grateful for what I had in life. I always felt like I was making a difference and it pushed me outside of my comfort zone.

A life-changing moment for me was when I became a mom and my life turned upside down. All my life experiences did not prepare me for the crazy beautiful ride that motherhood offers you. My beautiful son Eric held a mirror up to me each day and I saw some scars and habits that I knew I needed to change. A constant feeling of not feeling good enough, guilty for wanting more for myself and the inner voice telling me I was selfish. I pushed these feelings aside as I avoided dealing with the pain.

A new chapter began for my family in New Zealand. I started a role as a coach. I used all my past experience into making a difference to teams and individuals by growing their business and facilitating their development.

I was introduced to The Enneagram 3 years ago and that is when I started to acknowledge my turbulent feelings and through understanding my Enneagram type’s fears and motivations I started to peel back those layers of guilt, shame and selfishness. I started to see myself for the first time and find some clarity. I finally had a map on how to live my life to the fullest as it was made just for me. This tool has helped become a better mom, wife, friend and colleague.

I became an accredited practitioner as I knew this tool could change people’s lives. It was used throughout my company from retail up to the senior leaders. The feedback spoke for itself. Leaders and individuals were identifying what held them back from success, how to communicate with their teams, how to receive feedback and deal with conflict.

This tool has helped me respond in life rather than react. When I don’t get it right, I reflect and be curious on my reactions. This has allowed me to be kinder to myself and pushed me to deal with situations that normally I would of brushed away and ignored.

I aim to take you on a journey of looking within, holding up that mirror and seeing yourself for the first time. The Enneagram does not box you in, it releases you from the habits and behaviour that holds you back. I truly believe going on this journey will allow you to make the invisible visible and that is where the true growth happens.

How can I help YOU?

Your habits and beliefs are imbedded from childhood. Some of them may serve you in your life and help you show up in the way you intend to be, other times the inner voice can hinder your self esteem and your relationships.That inner voice comes from fear. In many instances you do not question your inner voice and accept that is how you are, living with that fear.  I am here to change that. 

At Clarity Coaching I want to break those habits and beliefs that hold you back by first making your fears visible to you. I want to replace that inner critic with wisdom, self acceptance and an identity to empower you. When you have the power to see, you have the power to change.

The Enneagram is a tool that can accelerate self- awareness and show  the world through your own lens. In a short period of time you can have a map to help you change and manage stress, anxiety, self acceptance, strengthen relationships and understand your why. 

So how does this all unfold? I believe that following these simple three steps you a begin a journey that will change your life. 


The Enneagram may be new to you and its very different to any other personality test as it looks a lot deeper then your behaviour or personality but rather your motivations and fears that drive you to be who you are. There are many layers to the Enneagram , you just need to take the first step and be curious as that is where the most discovery can happen.


Working with a coach and The Enneagram allows you to uncover blind spots and habits that have held you back. Identifying your thinking, behaviour and feeling and how all of these are connected within your type.

By connecting your dots in your life gives you back your power and allows you to respond in life rather than react.

Connecting to your true self without all the baggage sets you free and starts you on a new path. It opens up your heart to kindness


Achieving clarity on how you want to show up in the world allows you to thrive in all aspects of your life.

Identifying what triggers you, what holds you back and how to understand yourself when the tiger is in the room puts you in the best position to feel more in control, bringing you more joy and feeling present.

I have just had a couple of coaching sessions with Hayley. I have thoroughly enjoyed our chats and found the Enneagram very helpful and insightful. It has given me a much clearer understanding of my own personality and how and why I react in certain circumstances. It has given me a great road-map how to get to the healthiest level of my personality type and what to work on to achieve this.- Verena Palmer

Hayley you’re a legend. Your work and enthusiasm in coaching me through this process has enlightened me and created such an awareness. Thanks for coaching me through this insightful journey of understanding and discovering myself. I highly recommend going through this process to everyone . You’ll understand and appreciate yourself more. Moving forward, the Enneagram has helped me to see the healthy, happy version of myself which I aim to achieve. Thank you Hayley- Michelle Staniforth

I have really enjoyed learning about my type, as well as how the Enneagram works! It has given me perspective on many of my traits, that I had previously struggled to understand. Thanks for introducing me to Enneagram, for coaching me and sharing those inside jokes on our types!😉😁 – Natalie Graham

Thank you Hayley! I especially needed the 4th perspective reminder! You have a gift in coaching. I always left our coaching sessions inspired and made small effective changes that made big differences in results for me as well as the team- Debi

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