Frequently asked questions:

What makes Enneagram so different to other personality tests such as Myers Briggs or DISC?

While most personality typing systems focus on your character traits and general behaviour, the Enneagram goes below the surface and looks at the motivation behind your thoughts, feelings and behaviour patterns. It also highlights how you may adjust when under stress and when in a place of security or growth. In this way, it increases your self-awareness in the present moment and encourages you to respond to stressful situations in a healthier way.

What changes can I expect?

Identifying your type and core motivations give you a deeper understanding of what habits and beliefs hold you back. You can start to observe yourself reacting in life situations and knowing that you have a choice to respond rather than react. The Enneagram can start to put a language on the behaviour that has held you back in your life so you are able to transform to be your best self.

I dont want to be put in a box, does the Enneagram do that?

Absolutely not. You can possess qualities of all of the types in the Enneagram, your behaviour is stemmed from the core motivation of your main type. The journey of understanding yourself through the Enneagram gets you outside of your type so really outside of your box , making sure you live life through your authentic self.

What makes the Intergrative Enneagram test you offer compared to other tests out there?

If you look at this page here, it will show you the statsitics of how reliable the Intergrative test is.

Can your Enneagram type change?

No, you will always be the same type with the same motivation from childhood. You can start to move up to different levels of intergration throught self awarness.

What is the min age you can start coaching on the Enneagram?

This test and coaching would be very beneficial for a young adult at 18 who is not sure what career path to follow. You will show up as your best self when you focus on the strengths of your type. All types can do every job, knowing your strengths puts you in a position to excel at the role you choose in life.

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