A New Chapter

I have been coaching for four years now and have absolutely loved the 1 on 1 coaching , facilitating sales & leadership workshops and working on new content to deliver to my audience. I loved my corporate job. I worked with a great team and enjoyed the travel industry.

Then Covid19 appeared in our world and decided that its about time the human race just stop and focus on what is important. Like a lot of people in my industry it was time to move on.

Transforming and developing yourself has never been so important in our environment right now and venturing on my own is exciting, scary as hell and strangely therapeutic.

When I started to look at what my website should look like, I did my research and starting looking at coaches out there and what is their unique offering. There are some talented individuals out there. What really freaked me out was the photos of these beaming life changing promisers ( that’s a word right). They looked too good to be true, perfect really. Their hair beautifully flowing, make up gorgeous and a body to die. Everything looked perfect. I am not perfect.

My goal in this new chapter of mine is to create a journey for you, open a door of discovery and really get to know yourself. This journey has nothing to do with what I look like, how much I weigh and if I am giving you the best smile on camera. My job is for you to uncover the layers that is hiding under that magnificent mind, body and soul of yours. I know I truly have a tool that unlocks many answers and gives you real light bulb moments. It is the journey of making the invisible visible.

I will finish off with a beautiful quote from J.K Rowling. “Perfection is not necessary to make a real and lasting difference to other people’s lives”

Hayley x

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